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We are an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified company which is specialized in Triacetin ( glycerol triacetate) and EVA based hot melt glues granules for carton sealing, bookbinding, etc.

Our Factory locals in the Xinxiang, which is 600km from Tianjin Port, equips with advanced production lines which can be easily control the product quality.

We have been produced triacetin and eva hot melt glue for more than 10 years that makes us in a high degree of technological maturity.

As a leader in adhesive industry, the adhesive products we produce are always in domestic advanced level. They are widely used for adhesive and sealing in the industries, such as tobacco, refrigerator, beverage, bookbinding, carton box packaging, paper compositing, electronics and other related industries. We are happy to do business with customers all over the world and welcome them to visit our plant.

We promise to offer you the right adhesive, glue with best price and best service. We can also produce according to your requirements.

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